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Fashion Angels

Fashion Angels It's My Biz Sticker Business Kit

Fashion Angels It's My Biz Sticker Business Kit

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Start Your Own Sticker Business with this kit. Kids can start a business & make money with this educational business kit for kid entrepreneurs. Teaches entrepreneurship concepts like goal setting, customer service & return on investment. Kit includes the materials you need to start your Sticker Product line as well as packaging and marketing materials.

reate the coolest sticker around! Unleash your creative beast and design something unique and profitable. Share it, sell it, make money. Design your own unique Brand, logo and packaging. We provide everything! Cello bags, header cards & signage. Use the tools we provide to grow your business. We provide a 20-page business guide, business cards and forms, so that you can budget, plan, sell and grow!

16 blank sticker sheets
2 printed sticker sheets
6 permanent markers
10 markers
10 backer cards
20 pin blanks (circle and square)
10 business cards
20 cello bags
20 header cards
20 receipts
20 form sheets
20-page Biz Guide
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